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Suzanne E. Vazquez, P.A. , is a US Immigration Law Firm based in Orlando, FL

U.S. Immigration Law is a unique area of law and is very complex. This complexity is largely based on the fact that many U.S. Immigration Laws are ambiguous and are interpreted inconsistently by different agencies and courts. Another part of this complexity is based on the fact that the laws are always changing. Our firm makes it a priority to ensure that we are always on top of the latest developments in U.S. Immigration law, policies, and procedures, so that we can effectively represent you. Since Suzanne E. Vazquez, P.A. focuses primarily on Immigration Law , our firm is not limited to any particular area of Immigration Law, and can assist you and your family with any U.S. Immigration issue.

Although our firm is based out of Orlando, the firm is not limited geographically and has clients from all over the world. We also have a satellite office in the Westshore area of Tampa . We see clients here by appointment only. Please call us at 813-400-0055 to make an appointment at this location.

We represent clients before the Immigration Courts throughout the United States, the Board of Immigration Appeals (in Falls Church, Virginia), the Federal Courts, United States Immigration and Citizenship Services, Department of State, Department of Labor and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Our clients include individuals from Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

No matter what you do in life, long-term success is based on advanced planning. Immigration Law is an area of law that requires advanced planning and strategy for the best results, so do not wait to take care of your immigration issues tomorrow, but start the process today.

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If you need legal advice, or would like to learn more about our highly experienced immigration law firm and how we can help you, please call us at (407) 674-6968 during office hours, or call us at 813-400-0055 to make an appointment at our Tampa location. You may also call or text us at (407) 925-2554 for emergencies after office hours. You may also fill in our online form or send us an e-mail at info@ImmigrationHelpToday.com and we will get back to you right away. US Immigration Attorney Suzanne E. Vazquez is certified as an expert in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Florida bar. Based in Orlando, Fl.

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